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Prescriptions and Refills 

  • We are requiring 48-72 hrs to refill the prescription. 
  • Please call (410) 535-6520 and speak slowly and clearly your name, date of birth, contact phone number, medication you requesting and pharmacy name and phone number. 
  • Medication requests are not filled after hours (after 4:00 pm during weekdays: Monday-Thursday) or on weekends (closed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and holidays so please plan accordingly. 
  • It is wise to schedule your appointment in advance to avoid running out of important medications! 
  • If you have not been seen by the physician for more than 6 months you will not be given refills on any medications (scheduled or non-scheduled). You must schedule a follow-up appointment and be re-evaluated for the effectiveness of the current medication regimen and possible side effects or complications. 
  • If you have not been seen in an office for more than 3 months you will not be given refills on any Anxiolytic Medications (Benzodiazepines: Xanax, Ativan, Valium, Klonopin and other) as well as ADHD medications (Stimulants: Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse, Concerta, Dexedrine and other). Make sure you allow sufficient time to have your appointment scheduled to be re-evaluated for the necessity of currently prescribed controlled medication and to avoid possible withdrawal symptoms due to the abrupt discontinuation of Benzodiazepines. 
  • If you lose a scheduled medication prescription for Stimulants (ADHD medications), Opioid Dependence medications (Suboxone/Subutex/Buprenorphine) or Benzodiazepines (Anti-anxiety medications) you will not be given another prescription until it’s time for scheduled routine refill plus you will be required to provide detailed information about the incident. Based on circumstances and physician determination you may or may not be prescribed this specific medication again. 
  • Please make sure to give us 7 days for all ADHD medication refills outside of the regular doctor’s visit. ADHD medications are scheduled controlled substances and must be written by a physician in an office. You can only get 1 month supply of stimulant medications and must be written by a physician and cannot be called into the pharmacy.