We believe that Telemedicine is a future of Medical Practice, especially for Psychiatry, because it’s allowing healthcare providers to care for their patients anywhere, including rural and underserved areas.

In our office, we are offering secure telemedicine powered by ( utilizes state-of-the-art security and encryption protocols, making this platform compliant with HIPAA and HITECH requirements.

All the patient needs to start a telemedicine visit is a web link to the doctor’s room using a standard computer or app on a mobile device. No special hardware or software are necessary.

If you scheduled for a telepsychiatry session with Dr. Miller, please log in to at the time of your appointment and sign your name.

Use a computer or device with a good internet connection and webcam. If you run into issues connecting, restart your computer or check out the

If you prefer, we can email you the Invitation to join Dr. Miller for the secure video session. Please confirm your email with the office manager prior to your telepsychiatry appointment time.

 For your convenience, we have implemented the Business PayPal account. There is a % fee ($5-10) associate with the use of Business PayPal. 

Psychiatric Medication Management (15min):


Opioid Dependence Medication Treatment with mandatory

Urine Toxicology Screen:  


Opioid Dependence Medication Treatment with mandatory

Urine Toxicology Screen and Group Therapy


Please log in to PayPal and search for our business email [email protected] to make a payment prior to the services provided.

The opioid dependence patients are required to have in office visit and mandatory urine toxicology screen but may pay for their services using the Paypal.