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We believe that Telemedicine is a future of Medical Practice, especially for Psychiatry, because it’s allowing healthcare providers to care for their patients anywhere, including rural and underserved areas. Psychiatrists began utilizing technological advances in medicine by implementing telepsychiatry sessions even before the pandemic occurred. We are one of the few medical specialties that can take advantage of telemedicine without significant compromise to the quality of care.

In light of COVID 19 events with implemented closures and quarantine, we have been offering a telepsychiatry appointment since March 19, 2020. 

Since June 1, 2020, our office in Huntingtown, Maryland, was re-opened for in-office initial evaluations for new patients only!! 

All follow-up appointments are still made exclusively by telepsychiatry or, in rare cases, phone consultations.

The phone consultations as follow-up appointments, during the pandemic, are mostly reserved for older people, for someone who has difficulties navigating computer/mobile devices or has no equipment (computer or smartphone) to arrange a telepsychiatry session. The reason phone consultation can not be utilized regularly is that the phone line is not compliant with HIPAA and HITECH requirements, and we can not guarantee confidentiality during the phone conversation. 

We will continue to offer telepsychiatry appointments indefinitely even after the pandemic will be over. 

In our office, we are offering secure telemedicine powered by

( utilizes state-of-the-art security and encryption protocols, making this platform compliant with HIPAA and HITECH requirements.

All the patient needs to start a telemedicine visit is a web link to the doctor’s room using a standard computer or app on a mobile device. No special hardware or software is necessary.

If you scheduled for a telepsychiatry session with Dr. Miller, please log in to at the time of your appointment and sign your name.

Use a computer or device with a good internet connection and webcam. If you run into issues connecting, restart your computer or check out the

If you prefer, we can email you the Invitation to join Dr. Miller for the secure video session. Please confirm your email with the office manager prior to your telepsychiatry appointment time.

The opioid dependence patients are required to have in-office mandatory urine/oral toxicology screen prior to their telepsychiatry session. 

 We require patients to make a payment before services provided (telepsychiatry session or phone consultation). You can make payment via Business PayPal, cash (in person at the office only), or by sending us a check in advance so we would be able to close the accounting books for that day. If we do not receive the payment check or cash payment by the time of your appointment, we might have to be re-schedule your telepsychiatry visit for a different day. 

For Payment by Check: 

Please mail us a check exclusively to this address:


PO Box 456

Prince Frederick, MD 20678.

Please see the treatment charges page.

For Payment by Cash:

You need to stop by the office and pay in person. Please do not send us cash via mail !! 

Please see the treatment charges page.

For PayPal Payments:

Please log in to PayPal and search for our business email [email protected] to make a payment before your appointment. There is a % fee ($4-10) associate with the use of Business PayPal. 

Psychiatric Medication Management (15min):

$104.00 (paypal)

Opioid Dependence Medication Treatment with mandatory

Urine Toxicology Screen:  

$155.00 (paypal)

Opioid Dependence Medication Treatment with mandatory

Urine Toxicology Screen and Group Therapy

$207.00 (paypal)

Psychiatric Medication Management, Opioid Dependence Medication Management, Urine Toxicology Screen:

$258.00 (paypal)

Psychiatric Medication Management, Opioid Dependence Medication Management, Urine Toxicology Screen, Group Therapy:

$310.00 (paypal)

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, some state Governors have issued emergency orders to increase access to telehealth services and to increase the pool of available health care providers.

Please see out of state requirements for some neighboring states in regards to the telemedicine.


Telemedicine Services for Virginia Residents during COVID-19 Emergency

During the COVID-19 emergency, and in the interest of continuity of care, professionals licensed in other states and the District of Columbia are authorized to provide telemedicine services to Virginia residents with whom they have an established practitioner-patient relationship. Establishing a new relationship with a Virginia resident requires a license from the Virginia Board of Medicine (


Out of state health care providers, including physicians, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, physician assistants, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, practical nurses, professional nurses, advanced practice registered nurses, and nursing assistants with an active license or certification in good standing in any United States jurisdiction are hereby authorized to provide healthcare services in Delaware



A temporary emergency license is not required to practice Telemedicine. Please refer to the notices posted on our website at A temporary emergency license is only required to those licensees wishing to physically practice in the state. Governor Wolf also granted the department's request for a suspension to allow licensed practitioners in other states to provide services to Pennsylvanians via the use of telemedicine, without obtaining a Pennsylvania license, for the duration of the emergency. Out-of-state practitioners must:

be licensed and in good standing in their home state, territory, or country. Provide the Pennsylvania board from whom they would normally seek licensure with the following information prior to practicing telemedicine with Pennsylvanians: their full name, home or work mailing address, telephone number and email address; and

their license type, license number or other identifying information that is unique to that practitioner's license, and the state or other governmental body that issued the license.