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Treatment Charges

• Initial Psychiatric Evaluation (45-60 min):


• Initial Psychiatric Evaluation (70-90 min):


• Opioid Dependence Evaluation (Substance abuse Evaluation):


• Psychiatric Evaluation for Bariatric Surgery or LapBand Procedure:


• Psychiatric Evaluation for Plastic or General Surgery:


• Psychiatric Evaluation for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services: 

(120 min, price includes the completion of Form N-648 if qualified) 


• Psychiatrist Individual Psychotherapy (60 min):


Psychiatrist Individual Psychotherapy (45 min):


• Psychiatrist Individual Psychotherapy (30 min):


• Psychiatric Medication Management (15 min):


• Extended Medication Management (20-25 min):


• Extended Medication Management (30 min):


• Extended Med. Management & Supportive Psychotherapy (20-30 min): 


• Extended Med. Management & Supportive Psychotherapy (45 min):


• Combination of Med. Management & Psychotherapy (50-60 min):


• Combination of Med. Management & Opioid Dep. Medication

Treatment with mandatory Urine Toxicology Screen:


• Combination of Opioid Dep. Medication Treatment with Individual

Opioid Dep. Therapy and mandatory Urine Toxicology Screen:


• Individual Opioid Dependence Therapy (30 min): 


• Opioid Dependence Medication Treatment with mandatory

Urine Toxicology Screen: 


• Opioid Dependence Group Therapy (45-60 min mandatory monthly):

$50.00 (per session)

• Urine/Oral/Hair Toxicology Screen (opioid dep. patients):


• Urine Toxicology Screen (non-opioid dependence patients): 


• DNA Testing:


• Court or Other Legal Appearance: 

 (All fees must be paid in advance via retainer and a two-week cancellation notice must be given for fees to be returnable)           

$5000.00 per day

• Letters to Schools, Employers, etc (in 48-72 hrs):


• Letters to Court, DMV, ect: 


• Disability Forms/Paper work (each request; 48-72 hr): 


• Returned Check Fees:


• Missed / Late Cancel Follow-up Med. Management/Opioid Dep. App.:


• Missed / Late Cancel Follow-up Group Therapy/ Opioid Dep. Groups:


We do not accept any Health Insurance Plans for our Psychiatric Services!

We work for Our Patients, not Third Parties, by providing personalized care for every individual. We are using a comprehensive general approach to every problem and spending as much time as we need during the initial evaluation or follow up appointments. Our treatment is based on an etiological approach and not just a symptomatic treatment. We are trying to identify and treat the cause of the psychiatric problem and not only a chief complaint. Having knowledge in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry, Dr. Miller implements a detailed psychosomatic approach to every treatment plan. We believe that doctors should have the ultimate authority to decide when and for how long to see a patient, what treatment to implement, and which medications to prescribe. We are flexible with our appointments and can schedule you within 1-2 business days for follow-up appointments and 3-7 business days for an initial evaluation. We are transparent with our office policies and our prices, and you will never receive a bill from us with hidden charges.


Dr. Venera Miller is considered a Non-Participating Provider with All Insurance Companies. 

We stopped accepting most Health Care Insurances as a Third -Party Payers in 2012. On January 1st, 2014, we stopped accepting the last insurance plan - Medicare. All insurance companies were notified about our decisions via necessary legal documents as certified letters. Once insurance plans received those letters, it was their responsibility to make necessary changes in their network to change the provider’s status from participating to non-participating providers. No Insurances were billed for any psychiatric services in Dr. Miller’s office since January 2014. 

Patients should contact their insurance companies to determine their current out-of-network benefits. We will provide information to help patients submit for Medicare or out-of-network reimbursement on their own from their insurance company.​

All services provided in Dr. Miller's office (CIPM LLC) are qualified as a self-pay. The self-pay patients or patients with out-of-network benefits will be required to pay the full fee prior to each service provided. 

We accept only cash payments for any Initial Psychiatric Evaluations!! 

Please note that no other payment methods will be accepted for one hour-long Initial Evaluation. We accept cash, checks, and PayPal payments for any follow-up appointments. No credit cards are accepted. 

We require patients to make a payment before services provided (telepsychiatry session, in-office visit, or phone consultation). You can make payment via Business PayPal, cash, or by sending us a check in advance so we would be able to close the accounting books for that day. If we do not receive the payment check or cash payment by the time of your appointment, we might have to be re-schedule your telepsychiatry visit for a different day.

For Payment by Check:

Please mail us a check exclusively to this address:


PO Box 456

Prince Frederick, MD 20678.

For Payment by Cash:

You need to stop by the office and pay in person. Please do not send us cash via mail !!

For PayPal Payments:

Please log in to PayPal and search for our business email [email protected] to make a payment before your appointment. There is a % fee ($4-10) associate with the use of Business PayPal. 

Psychiatric Medication Management (15min):

$104.00 (paypal)

Opioid Dependence Medication Treatment with mandatory

Urine Toxicology Screen:  

$155.00 (paypal)

Opioid Dependence Medication Treatment with mandatory

Urine Toxicology Screen and Group Therapy

$207.00 (paypal)

Psychiatric Medication Management, Opioid Dependence Medication Management, Urine Toxicology Screen:

$258.00 (paypal)

Psychiatric Medication Management, Opioid Dependence Medication Management, Urine Toxicology Screen, Group Therapy:

$310.00 (paypal)

Medical Services with PayPal fees